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The Recruitment Software, designed for corporate human resource departments, automates every step of even the most complex recruiting process. The solution helps manage the attracting, selecting and hiring of both professional and hourly (non-exempt) workforces. The solution utilizes revolutionary technology to discover top talent, streamline hiring processes and reduce costs.

The Job Placement Software gives recruiters of staffing agencies the tools necessary to manage the recruiting and placement processes, from beginning to end. From contingent and retained executive search to temporary, temp-to-perm and permanent placement staffing, the Staffing Edition streamlines the placement process, reduces resource input and generates competitive advantages.

The Job Placement Software is the latest addition to workforce management solutions. Developed to help manage planning, deployment and development of workers, the solution is focused on monitoring the organization's skill and competency base and efficiently matching talent to projects.

Job Placement Software provides additional modules and software components which integrate with other softwares as well as existing HR solutions to deliver robust workforce management solutions.

The software of 10 years input by more than 500 top recruiters. With no upfront costs and zero maintenance, it's the perfect Job Placement Software and applicant tracking solution for small single office to large multi-office and international staffing agencies and recruiting firms.

We've put everything you demand in a Job Placement Software solution into one powerful program: candidate, company and job data, resume parsing, document storage, job distribution, integrated email and faxing, full-text searching, plus much more. Using the latest web-based client/server technology, MaxHire's "work anywhere" solution is 5 to 10 times faster than other slow web-based recruiting solutions. The software lets you recruit anywhere effectively over any Internet connection. You manage and see your data with maximum efficiency using multiple windows, menus, tree views, buttons and other advanced time-saving features.

What makes us the #1 Job Placement Software Solution is our 100% customer satisfaction and retention. Our customers choose this software for its industry-leading features and they stay because of our great customer service.

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