Data Management Software

Software to serve the needs of document processing service providers and BPOs

Our Data Management Software (DMS) offers one platform for handling everything from document capture and recognition to complex data extraction and process automation. Unrivaled classification technologies and scalability enable providers to offer powerful end-to-end business solutions that increase customers efficiency and improve their bottom lines.


A Single Solution for All Document Types

Speed up business processes by using automated data entry software to eliminate time- and resource-intensive manual data entry. Intelligent capture algorithms enable the system to process any kind of document: invoices, contracts, registration forms and more.

Capture, classify, extract, verify and deliver data from any kind of business document.

  • Improves productivity through elimination of manual tasks
  • Reduces scanning time and costs of storage and shipping
  • Speeds document delivery through digital mailroom classification
  • Improves compliance and risk management through real-time monitoring and tracking.
Scan, convert, verify, index and export searchable PDFs and Office formats to backend business systems.

  • Unrivaled processing power provides a sharper competitive edge
  • Ensures the highest quality output even in high-volume processing environments
  • Supports industry standard document output for records management and archiving
  • Offers 24/7 conversion for time-critical client tasks.


DMS is designed for rapid deployment on secure cloud.

The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to enable automatic classification and data extraction. DMS can also be interactively trained on image samples to provide further production-level processing.

Renowned Accuracy

Featuring DMS award-winning recognition and classification technologies, as well as offering built-in validation rules, DMS provides exceptional data accuracy. Plus, ergonomic verification interfaces enable additional verification of sensitive and questionable data.

Optimized Performance

Advanced server-based architecture enables effective processing of large volumes of documents. A powerful processing server handles all resource-intensive operations – performing automated task distribution among the processing stations and load balancing.

Web-based Verification

Reduce costs and utilize your workforce more efficiently with Web-based data verification. Operators simply log in to perform manual verification tasks.

Advanced Scalability

It can process up to one million pages per day, depending on the complexity of page layout. Its advanced architecture supports distributed processing across dozens of CPU cores simultaneously - providing enhanced scalability for high-volume data and document capture across enterprises.

Flexible Workflow

A flexible workflow can easily be adjusted to your specific business processes. DMS offers a powerful set of tools for modifying the basic document processing workflow with custom processing stages, scripts, and external modules. The workflow also enables document processing in a fully unattended mode.

Double Verification

Business-critical data fields can be verified by two operators independently to rule out program or human error. Data will be accepted by the system as verified only after proofreading results coincide from both operators.

Customizable Verification Station

As a part of the Standard Verification Station, DMS offers scripting tools for customization of the user interface. This feature is ideal for projects where additional tools are required for specific operators, or where special regulations must be adhered to and monitored. Whether the requirement is to modify menus and toolbars, add controls for document-specific functions, or change the station’s behavior to fit a particular scenario, all the changes can be scripted within DMS.


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